Don Marti (dmarti) wrote,
Don Marti

"music industry" mutilates music

Rip Rowan writes, "Unfortunately, I know all too well that the record label is almost certainly the culprit in this crime, and the band and its fans the victims."

What's the crime? Mutilating the sound of Rush's "Vapor Trails" CD just so it will be LOUD.

When the record companies are making the professional engineers abuse their skills so CDs will sound good in a car, regular people who get decent equipment and practice can make better recordings than the record companies can.

Most people probably know bands that play better than bands whose CDs cost $15 at the record store.

Equipment and skills are available to record them so that it sounds better than that CD. You can do 24/96 on your hard drive but not on a CD player, and the Consumer Electronics industry is too chicken to give us 24/96 without nasty DRM.
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