Don Marti (dmarti) wrote,
Don Marti

Prodigy's big win

BT Group Loses Bid to Sue Prodigy Over Internet Hyperlinking.

Finally a company actually fights a bogus patent to the death, instead of licensing it. This may be bad game playing in the short term on Prodigy's part, but it's refreshing to see a company actually follow a "we press charges against shoplifters" strategy on a large scale.

If someone shoplifts a $2 item, it's cheaper to let them go than to call the police, then go to court and testify. But store managers DO testify against shoplifters, because in the long run it's cheaper to deter them from stealing.

This basic business lesson is completely lost on Internet firms, who generally only look at the quarter-to-quarter costs of licensing a bogus patent or fighting it. Licensing the patent just encourages more patent holders to come after you. Maybe they'll think twice about messing with Prodigy now.

Mes compliments au CEO.

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