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begin quotation of Fri, Aug 02, 2002 at 02:50:59PM -0400:

> Don
> I'm not sure if this email went out earlier.
> I'm the PR rep for 8e6 Technologies (the Internet filtering and reporting
+software) and we've had some genuinely newsworthy stuff happening lately.
> Are you familiar with Triangleboy, an anti-filtering technology that allows
+students and employees to get onto porn, gambling, and other 'filtered' web sites?
> We'll, 8e6 has recently cracked that code. Can we set up a time and day to talk a
+bit? Are you available on Monday or Tuesday of next week?
> Darren Shuster, M.A.
> PR Rep
> 8e6 Technologies
> Phone: (818) 262-2834
> E-Mail:

Yes, I've heard of Triangle Boy, most notably through the article, "VOA Goes High-Tech in Chinese Net Censorship Fight" -- and
"U.S. May Help Chinese Evade Net Censorship"

So yes, I would be interested in discussing your Communist software
for silencing the Voice of America. Although Linux Journal is
based in the United States of America and I am an American citizen,
we are interested in presenting all points of view, including your
Marxist/Leninist/Maoist one which has been underrepresented in
our pages.

Don Marti
Linux Journal
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